Fast 6 & Asphalt 7

Grocery getter, commuter, daily driver – these are just labels of the everyday world but we know that’s not what a car and an open road means to you. It is all about what you feel when you go for a drive. You and the road become one. Your car is more than just a machine, it’s a freedom, an escape, an adrenaline rush. Modding it to make it faster and faster in order to overtake anything on the road is a lifestyle. Whether you are on the track or off, running errands, or robbing a bank, winning and getting away from the law is everything.

Fast 67 is the co-branding of two industry giants, the “Fast and Furious” franchise and the popular phone app “Asphalt 7”. The campaign focuses on boosting ticket sales as well as app downloads by incorporating several media channels which are strategically used to appeal to the target. From the activation, the user is introduced and involved in an experience which drives an adrenaline rush and them through the ins and outs of the movie and game app.

Fast 6 & Asphalt 7 Experience The Adrenaline.